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Aiming High
World stage competition is our goal and our players must be the best
Skill drills
Emphasis is given to ball mastery to ensure optimal performance of the player
Competing Spirit
Very early, our players are exposed to high level competition
Skill Coordination
Players must have excellent movement coordination to produce their best.


A Multi-disciplinary Sports Academy

We believe in a healthy spirit inhabiting a healthy body.

Sports is not just for career, but also a way of life, developing awareness, physical and spiritual balance, entertainment, leisure. Join sports specialist at FAA and you will discover a different view of sports.


The Faith Athletico Academy (FAA) project is aimed at giving boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 18 years of age the best start in football. We develop them with the aim of making them the best young footballers they can be. More importantly, we help develop them into responsible, mature and trustworthy young people. All our players get engaged from day, in a work and education pattern that focuses on their technique and ball skills. We have structured the education and training patterns to blend football development scheme and conventional football.

Suffice it to say that our training spirit at Faith Atletico Academy is fashioned after the Brazilian soccer culture; in that we encourage our boys and girls to spend as much time as possible with the ball, developing their skills. It is the desire of Faith Atletico Academy to help each and everyone of them to fulfil their potential, whether that be to play league or non-league football, Premier League, or to play in a World Cup Final.





Join the best athlete teams and showcase your skills on a world stage.

If your jersey is clean, you didn’t play hard enough.

Excellence is the standard at Faith Atletico Academy. We accept not less than the best and each player must from the beginning commit to becoming the excellence and go for it!

Life is like soccer, we need GOALS.

We at Faith Atletico Academy are very goal oriented. As each player is properly assessed according to his current skills and abilities, we work towards improving from that, with specific targets.

Professional Coach

All our coaches are sports professionals, qualified from renouwn institutions and with years of experience for most.

Prestigious Club

With focus and determination, we do not compromise our standard as we always want to be the best in our subjects.


We believe in a healthy spirit in a healthy body. We therefore work not only on physical skills, but also on intellectual, spiritual and mental abilities


Each of our player is closely followed up by our dedicated coaches who tirelessly work at improving individual abilities, as per personal progress report

Professional, Trained and Selected Coaches

For every discipline, excellent coaches are selected to take everyone through whatever sports discipline they choose: from fitness to professional sports career.

To ensure the best of it all, we produce trainers who can also train other trainers, so that excellent coaches are never in shortage. Our school of coaches is provided for this purpose, should you desire to make a career as a sports coach, this is the perfect place to have your dream come true


We have soccer teams of different group age and different skill levels. Beside soccer, many other sports disciplines are also available, with teams of different group age and skill levels. Let’s grow together, join our academy and build a successful career in the the discipline of your choice