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The Cameroon National Day, also known as the Unity Day on the 20th of May, is usually celebrated by the Cameroonian Community in South Africa, and particularly those of Pretoria, with a sports tournament for a period of time generally spanning over the entire month of May. This 2021 celebration was a unique success as compared with the previous ones. Many Cameroonian actively participated and were much honored to have the High Commission of Cameroon in Pretoria, this time holding its place as leader of the Cameroonian people. Cameroonians love their country, and have continually kept the tradition of celebrating this unforgettable historical event marking their identity as a nation.

The final of the football tournament took place at Maritimo Sports Club in Pretoria on the 30th of May, opposing SANTE PRETORIA to DONAVEENA FC. The score was 0 for SANTE PRETORIA AND 1 FOR DONAVEENA FC which won the trophy.

The event was colored with many activities, including a soccer drills demonstration from Faith Atletico Academy kids, showcasing their abilities to the public, and alerting them that they are the shining stars of tomorrow.

We share here some pictures and videos to bring you the live moment to you who might have been absent.

For Faith Atletico Academy, this was merely a baby step in putting a foundation for a dream meant to bear fruits. Certainly, the dream is to produce the soccer giants of tomorrow.

Surely, as we live, we shall see more of Faith Atletico Academy. Be partaker of this dream or miss it! The ball is in your camp.