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A Multi-disciplinary Sports Academy

We have packaged services in different skills levels, depending on age and ability.


We Follow up our kids to ensure they don't only focus on sports and playing, but that they also make intellectual progress.


To ensure there is enough supply of qualified coaches, we train coaches who are qualified to train others. To ensure a strong football legacy is passed to the next generation, we train and encourage coaches to have highest qualification.


Soccer is one of our main services. We have ti date assembled the best coaches in this field and the dream is to produce the best players.


We train Children from very young age, as young as 2 years old, making their chosen sport a natural ability, and thus preparing them to future excellence.


From the root, we prepare our players to pursuing a professional football career as we equip them with all the necessary tools. We equally work at giving them exposure so they can grab opportunities to play amongst the best.


Faith Atletico kickers is a school program that provides football coaching to little ones from grade o to grade 3


 FA kickers provides the baseline and starts to lays the foundation of football through inventive stories and well-designed program for boys and girls from 2 years to 6 years old. FA kickers teams is a group of professional and quality coaches with plenty of experience in the domain of coaching kids. The program builds the self-confidence, awareness, team play, teamwork as well as contributes to social life and interaction. The program develops and enhances an open mind, redress some mal formation and also burst the academy level and concentration.


FAITH ATLETICO has opened a football academy for any kids from 6 years who would like to play football or receive more lessons about the modern football. We aim to shape and bring out hidden talent and allow youngsters to express themselves freely with their own individual qualities.

FAA also provides or has a mentor coaching program to pair up with new coaching with experience coaching, evaluate team skills and improve some areas in your coaching style.

FAA offers the online course for aspiring coach facilitates coaches to obtain the National, CAF license and coach through practice and theory.

FAA provides coaching workshop and makes sure as the kids grows in age he also grows in skill.

The practical is done during session and the theory during the practice and class as well.

FAA develops coaching which in turn will develop the youth.

FAA develops and promotes youth soccer

The FAA coaching levels are split into different ranges of what we call the FAA Skills Levels.

Starter Skills Pack

Our Skills Pack is designed to attain to needs of young beginners. It is an introduction to the academy’s more advanced programmes. It introduces the young players to the fundamentals of football and the ten core moves.

Junior Skills Pack

FAA’s Junior Skills Pack is designed for 8 -11 years old players, who are working on the improvement of their technical skills and developing their game through small side games. The FAA special Careca Futebol programme is the blueprint training system that is used to drill and equip these young players.

Intermediate Skills Pack

This category of our programme is designed for players striving to improve their technical ability and game play to move them up to the Senior Skills or professional Academy level. FAA arranges our groups according to ability as well as age. This grouping structure and their training sessions are critical to FAA’s philosophy.

It is important to in addition to the above, FAA also offers very special; Individual (One-on-One) sessions as well as special training sessions that are open to all ages and abilities.

Holiday Skills Camps

Although FAA operates round the year programmes that are neatly aligned to both public and private school calendars, we have designed very special holiday programmes for young players to accelerate their development. FAA offers very unique morning coaching clinics during holiday periods. This programme assist the children to up their standards further, and also improve specially in some areas of their games.