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The Faith Atletico Academy (FAA) is a Christian project aimed at giving boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 18 years of age the best start in football. We develop them with the aim of making them the best young footballers they can be. More importantly, we help develop them into responsible, mature and trustworthy young people.

All our players get engaged from day, in a work and education pattern that focuses on their technique and ball skills. We have structured the education and training patterns to blend football development scheme and conventional football.

We encourage our players to spend as much time as possible working with the ball, improving technical skills. Our young players often train with us for 10-20 hours per week as well as the work they do on their own. This may sound like a lot of time, but players are not in any danger of over-training or injury as the work is fun and focuses on the player and the ball.

Suffice it to say that our training spirit at Faith Atletico Academy is fashioned after the Brazilian soccer culture; in that we encourage our boys and girls to spend as much time as possible with the ball, developing their skills. It is the desire of Faith Atletico Academy to help each and everyone of them to fulfil their potential, whether that be to play league or non-league football, Premier League, or to play in a World Cup Final.

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and somebody who believes in them”

-Magic Johnson-


At Faith Atletico Academy, we have transformed the way football is coached and taught to children. Our belief in drilling and promoting creative and attacking brand of football as well as the promotion of positive values such as respect, effort, ambition, teamwork and humility, make us very outstanding as an institution.

We fully understand the requirements that provide quality works and ensure that we get this to work in fullness, through:-


FAA’s programmes increase the children’s football level throughout the high-level of training


Our football programme ensures that our children are provided with at least a year to grow in order to get the ultimate perfection.


Our football programme is in high demand, so places are very limited. Prospective candidates must therefore register early for new place. You can register on our website


Finally our programme gives all our candidates an opportunity to receive a smart training experience that prepares and ready them for professional football experience

Develop the person, build the player

FAA aim to develop young professional footballers through high professional standards on and off the pitch, by encouraging players to take responsibility for their own football career and focusing on technical excellence.


Develop players who can adapt to the situation that our philosophy did not anticipate

Develop players who are effective in an array of game situation, players who are good tactically , who can play pocket of good football and sometimes play with blood and determination

Develop versatile players who can give all in the field of play and work hard to improve and sometimes spontaneous and understand scenarios in the field


Faith Atletico Academy is a school of life that nurtures the physical and spiritual capacity of young people through football. This football education programme was developed by combining both training and competition, based on FAA’s methodology.

This is a methodology aims to develop autonomous and creative players who represent the FAA values. Quite simply our aim is to change the way that football is both coached and played, we desire that the game becomes more skilful, entertaining and enjoyable both to play and watch

At FAA, we ensure that our players have fun, playing football, practicing moves set within the specific context of the game.

They are also equipped to find solutions to these situations by using their skills, working in coordination with their teammates and subsequently being able to act efficiently and efficaciously when playing competitive football, the FAA way.

Players are guided by our FAA coaches, who support them with decision making and ensure that the players themselves are always at the heart of their own learning process.

Early tactical preparation as per age-group

Design practices that are specific and related to skills necessary for players to progress in their career

Progressive activity, workshop, tactical circuit, skills contest games, video footage, the enhance of progression

Disciplinary and mental preparation of players, in order to bring the best out of them.



FAA Skills Connect is very central to the academy’s entire programme body. It is designed to help our players to measure their progress, develop quick feet, control and confidence. The FAA Skills Connect is founded on our belief in practice, patience and persistence. Once these principles are inculcated into a child, it instils values that will take the child beyond football.

The Skills Connect package begins with; core moves, juggling and challenging players to believe they can master the ball. As they persist on this path, improvement enjoins gradually through practice, patience and persistence, as does belief and confidence.

Once our players complete this starter phase, they move on to our full programme; including turns, moves to beat a player, passing, balances, traps and floor to air moves.

In total, our FAA Skills Connect is structured into five levels. Each level demands greater speed, and repetition developing the players’ concentration and ball control as they work through the levels.

The players earn their level certificate at their own pace and gain confidence through achievement, encouraging them to attempt the next certificate level.

At Faith Atletico Academy our belief is that practice, while not making perfect, will make permanent. Good habits are just as hard to break as bad ones! That’s why all our players will spend the majority of a Faith Atletico Academy session with a ball at their feet.

Between the ages of 5-15 we focus on technique first and foremost, with the older ages working more on the physical and game play aspects.

Our sessions follow more or less a set structure of a third of the session individual work – one player one ball.  These are the creative ball control movements that form the basis of our passes, turns and moves to beat players.

Each player is given the opportunity to practice, speed it up and perfect it.

We then move onto paired or group work for the next third, where we will implement a theme that will set the tone of the session.

The final third is game play, where the player’s decision making and skills learnt are put to the test.  

This is the part every player loves and is the greatest teacher of all, giving players the opportunity to develop their control and quick feet as well as putting into practice what they have learnt.



We encourage our players to take responsibility, to become independent, to conduct themselves professionally and to act as mature young men. This develops the personality of a professional player.


Our philosophy encourages the development of technique – the most important aspect of the game. We take a long-term approach and focus on the big picture, meaning performance is more important than result.


We encourage our players to express themselves. Our teams play from the back and through the thirds of the pitch, to develop attacks and create chances through our own efforts, not through the opposition’s mistakes.


Joseph Nadjo Naoussi is the CEO and founder of Faith Atletico Academy.

He is a passionate qualified soccer scientist, who has made a career as a footballer on the pitch, then as coach.

Joseph is specialist in youth development from the age of 1.5 to 18 years in the field of soccer.

With many years of experience, Joseph has worked with many renown institutions and acquired great skills which he desires to put to use for the many.

 The advent of Faith atletico academy is Joseph’s way to pass a mine of skills to the next generation. Under his care, young players can be sure to follow a path to a successful career in football

Like an eagle, the founder of Faith Atletico academy sees very far and with uncommon acuity. Having given proof of his abilities, He desires to take his career as a coach to international level.


Jeacques Bosco Wandja is the Head Coach of Faith Atletico Academy.

This devoted and talented soccer professional has been much on display on the soccer scene. Having played in the first division with Cotton Sports Garoua in Cameroon, he was part of the national football team of Cameroon: indomitable lions from 1996 to 1999.

Jacques Bosco Wanja later in his career, due to his passion for sports, converted as a coach, in order to pass to the next generations his god given skills. As a coach, he has lead many renown teams, including Maccabi FC, and Midstream FC of South Africa.

He now has joined Faith Atletico Academy where he freely deploys, with utmost freedom all the grace divinely loaded in him to whomever desires to receive.